Chinese American Parents and Students Association

Serving children in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Welcome to the Chinese American Parents and Students Association!

Founded in 1988, the Chinese American Parents and Students Association (CAPSA) is a community organization that seeks to support the Chinese American community in Montgomery County, Maryland. The organization also promotes cross-cultural understanding, provides assistance to new immigrant families in the Montgomery County educational system, and utilizes a vast resource bank to enhance the multicultural environment in the MCPS.


The pre-registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now open, please visit Resources page to fill the registration form. Not only your early registration will help us with the planning of the upcoming tutoring program, you are also likely to avoid being placed on the waiting list.

A virtual tutoring session taking place in fall semester 2020.

An admin associate checks in on an ongoing virtual session.

A tutoring session at Robert Frost Middle School.

End of year celebration.

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